Sunday, January 14, 2007

To Do

Don't you hate being away from your craft supplies? I've been sewing machine-less, yarn-less, and stationary-less for almost a month now. I finally went out and bought a blank book and just started gluing things in it as a crafty outlet. When I get back to the east coast, there's a ton of things on my list to do:

Envelopes made out of magazine pages

Hand-made cloth napkins

Denise Schmidt inspired quilt in blues, gold, oranges, and dark reds

Dragon-scale mitts at The Purl Bee

Tiny happy shoulder bag

No-knead bread

Apparently I've forgotten I still have a semester of school left. Eh, grades are pointless anyway.


Anonymous said...

I agree! All I want to do is sit around and knit and sew stuff, but this pesky school thing keeps trying to get in the way. See you soon!

reluctantMANGO said...

Phew! That's a busy homecoming... I love your scrapbook craft journal idea... I do the same, but with a bulletin board :) We miss you at knitting group, see you soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt idea! The quilt on our bed is loved too much and it's showing it! That's been added to my "To Do" list!

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