Sunday, August 20, 2006

Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico

Ahh, mountains. I spent last week in the northern half of the state, in Santa Fe and Taos. People tend to have an overarching view of New Mexico, but really the two halves are quite different. The bottom is truly desert, where there are some mountains but no trees on them, and temperatures frequently are above 100. In the north, there are abundant trees, rain, and humidity - and also a lot of rich people and art. We did all of the stuff that people do in such places, such as shop, eat green chile smothered everything, look at things Hecho en Mexico, and try to get away from bad public music. Some of the highlights included driving many hours to eat at the "Burrito Banquet," a trailer in Cimmarron selling home-made burritos, and a song that Jason wrote while floating in a pool in Taos. "Appendage man, appendage man, doin' the things that appendages can / Like walking around and grabbing stuff." Brilliant.

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