Sunday, August 27, 2006

Home Sweet . . . ????

"It will feel so good just to collapse onto the couch and watch one of my 4 TV channels," I thought to myself while walking to my apartment door, after spending 6 hours on an airplane and another hour and a half on the shuttle home, subjected to an overly talkative van driver. I opened the door, and saw . . .

this. I realized that my roommate owned most of the furniture, but apparently she owned ALL of the furniture, including the rug, lamps, and aforementioned couch. Despite having to eat dinner while sitting on the floor, I'm actually quite excited: a new year, a clean slate, and endless design possibilities thanks to Ikea!

While I have lost a housefull of furniture, I have gained a very important addition!

This is kitty, a found kitten who does not yet have a name (although she seems like she should have a Russian name). Okay, technically she doesn't live with me, but rather with Jason in New Mexico, but she's still my baby nonetheless. Currently she is fighting for dominance over a stuffed buffalo footrest, and it apparently quite talkative.
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