Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Questionable Art

Because I flew out to New Mexico instead of driving, I'm currently car-less. The only place within walking distance (1 mile away) is a small, junky thrift store. I spent an hour there just to be out of the house, and came away with this:

I know, you're probably asking yourself why an art historian would bring home something like this. Well, for one, it only cost a dollar. Its also not difficult to notice that two people painted this - or, more likely, one person painted it and someone with questionable artistic ability painted over it for no apparent reason. The reason I loved it so much was the original colors - the green of the leaves and the blue background are great.

The chili peppers are another story - the plan is to possibly remove some of the paint (since its very thick and totally different from the original painting style) and re-paint the chilis. Gotta love do-it-yourself art restoration.

Confident in my recently aquired French reading ability, I finally ordered some knitting patterns from France. I think Phildar rivals Interweave in the wearability of their patterns - no crazy multi-length cardigans or insane colorwork a la Rowan or Vogue. I ordered the Tendances winter 05-06 magazine, which worked out to only around $10 including international shipping. Here are the highlights:

I want to make ALL of them! Yet that may be something of a challenge:


V said...

Aw, come on, translating a knitting pattern is a great way to practice for the exam! Haha. Good luck with your painting, too.

Dove Knits said...

...I love all those patterns, too.

The painting is stunning.

KevinM said...

the hospital is within walking distance from where you are... isnt it?

the ER is a great place to waste time! the rooms for cardiac patients have LCD TVs.

the food is pretty good over there, just dont eat anything that consists of a strange slab of meat served in a semi-transparent liquid... they call them "ham or beef"... im not sure if that means that one is ham and one is beef or if they are asking you if you want a slab of meat that they are unsure if it is ham or if its beef, because stating that you would like to be served ham or stating that you would like to be served beef has no corralation to what bin of meat submerged in stagnant (poison? probably) liquid from which you are served... its also confusing because they make it seem like the only options are meat in urine liquid or meat in brown liquid. but in fact there are two other options that few seem to be aware of: hamburger w/fries and salad.

all are served with your choice of dessert (hospital jello/whiteness, assorted pies, or hospital ice cream) and carbonated beverage.

whats with hospital dessert anyway? the whole point behind dessert in a hospital is to kinda put a good thing in an uncomfortable situation. and since most stupid people respond well to sweets, and most people in the hospital are stupid dessert sounds like a good idea right?
but the desserts themselves are uncomfortable... the "hospital jello" is probably the stuff they scrape off of the bottom of the jello vats and its all plasticky and either way too flavored or not flavored enough... and the ice cream is always "orange flavor" not that orange flavor is a bad flavor... but nothing but orange flavor when you always eat orange flavor... gets kind of boring and becomes a bad thing.

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