Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring Break = Party

[Edited to add: Pictures of Baltimore, Williamsburg, and Philadephia are now up on webshots - click the link on the sidebar.]

You know me, I'm always looking for an opportunity to get drink large amounts of alcohol, hookup with hot guys and possibly dance on a table. That's why I spent my Spring Break visiting Colonial Williamsburg and historic sites in Baltimore and Philadelphia. J flew in from the desert, and for our first adventure we spied on colonial look-alikes in the Burg. If I can't be knitting, I might as well watch other people knit. And if I can stand in horse poop while doing it, than all the better!The next adventure involved touring a Coast Guard ship in Baltimore, the Taney, as well as a submarine (the Torsk) and a "light ship," which I discovered is a boat/lighthouse hybrid, and not just a small, lightweight ship as I thought. There was also some Cheesecake eating - brownie sundae cheesecake, which is even better than it sounds. If I ate any type of "extruded" meat, I would have been all over this guy: Finally, we took the train to "Filthadelphia," as someone likes to call it (although seriously, there was a couch in the giant piles of trash alongside the train tracks.) After battling massive amounts of schoolkids who were almost all taller than me, and some tourists who had apparently never been through a metal detector before, we got in to see this:Yes, that's the back of the Liberty Bell. No one ever gives this side justice. If you had a broken lamp in your house, would you display it broken side out, even if it was rung on George Washington's birthday? I guess the crack is endearing, but I'm all for the underdog. We also visited Kosciusko National Memorial, staffed by a man who hates his job, and possibly the worst NPS site I've ever been to. I went through the whole site, which is a tiny house, and I really have no idea who Kosciusko is or what he did. At least I get to check it off on my National Park map.

Now its back to school once more - only about 6 weeks remain, and I'll have half a master's! If only society valued partial degrees.

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