Friday, April 28, 2006

Aloe drink

A few weeks ago I discovered culinary heaven. A combination farmer's market/Mexican/Korean grocery store in the same building as a cell phone store, Caribbean restaurant and sword merchant. (The Newark Farmer's Market - a horribly deceiving name.) The prices there are so cheap, that I have a hard time spending enough money there. They have a $10 minimum on credit card purchases (I'll ignore the fact that that's illegal for now), so I wandered trying to find things to buy. $1.00 for five pounds of potatoes, $.25 bananas . . . it doesn't really add up. I get to the register, and my total is $9.21. "Can't I just use a card for that?," I ask. Nope, the non-English-speaking checker tells me - I figure it would just be easier to buy something else than to argue with her over 80 cents. So I reach for the closest thing. This.

Aloe drink. See the floaties? Should I drink this? Ingredients: Pure water, aloe vera gel, fructose, honey, cirteic acid, calcium lactate, vitamin c, stabilizer, natural flavoring content of aloe vere gel - 10%. (All those ingredients are spelled like they are on the bottle - aloe vere gel? Cirteic acid? There's no such thing. I checked.) If they couldn't even spell the ingredients correctly, should I drink something that has the potential to kill me? I did see someone else buy it. The outcome is still pending.

Lest you think I'm slacking off on my knitting, I'm not. I'm just writing a paper this week. Accompanied by an almost finished pair of socks.

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