Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Irony and a Sweater

(Click on the picture to make it bigger if you can't read it.) Now, you might be thinking, "Sarah seems to be complaining all the time about how much reading she has, but obviously she has way too much time on her hands." Au contraire! Actually, I have LESS time on my hands, which is precisely why I'm spending it making my tea bags talk. In fact, this very night, I was supposed to be writing a paper. Seriously though, who wants to do THAT?

I also finished another sweater recently. And no, I'm not that fashion deprived to know that I'm not supposed to wear it with a black shiny shirt. Its just too cold for proper modeling.

(And comments, people. That button is there for a reason. I don't do this for my own health. Well, maybe I do. But still.)
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