Monday, September 23, 2013

2013 Spinning, So Far

After taking the below pictures, I had a shocking revelation: this is the only spinning I've done all year! I usually spin more during the summer than winter because I tend to spend winters huddled under a blanket on the couch. I also hear that taking care of a newborn is not conducive to spending several hours sitting in front of a wheel, so I must spin all of the things in the next 2 months.

This yarn was finished most recently: 2-ply Polwarth from Into the Whirled, in the "Captain Tightpants" colorway, which is apparently a reference to Nathan Fillon in the show Firefly. I'm old now and out of touch with popular culture, so maybe one of you young-ins will know what that is.

My other finished yarn is a Merino/Silk gradient from Fiber Optic. I spun the single super thin, and chain-plied to keep the gradient intact. It took which might explain my 2-skein total for the year. It paid off, though! Not only am I super happy with the yarn, it won Best in Show at both the Montgomery County and Maryland State Fairs this year! I'm feeling a lot of pressure about what to knit with it.

My awards paid off monetarily as well, and per my annual fair tradition, those winnings are directed straight back into the yarn/fiber fund. As the anti-enabler (I can talk you out of buying anything!) I'm sort of at a loss when intentionally wanting to stash yarn. Any suggestions? I'm interested mostly in independent dyers; I've already bought a skein of Vesper Sock. My mom thinks that I have a big yarn stash, but I can count on the knitters reading to confirm that one small and one large plastic bin is a small stash!


Jax said...

Hmm, I am thinking you need something more elaborate than a plastic bin to store your yarn. Some kind of yarn tree? Custom box/basket? I smell a project here.

Danita Briscoe said...

I'm spinning some Tightpants right now. I love Into The Whirled. That was/is a hard colorway to come by.

muchadored said...

What gorgeous spinning! I don't think I've touched my wheel all year so far; with selling the house and moving and starting the new job, I've been too busy to breathe. You've made some truly lovely yarn here!

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