Saturday, March 03, 2012

Fresh Off the Wheel

Whenever I mention spinning to a normal human, they almost always assume that I'm talking about the type of spinning you do in a class at the gym. Bike spinning might make you stronger, but it certainly won't make you yarn. And yarn is what it's all about.

This fiber is 100% merino from Pacific Wool and Fiber, a birthday gift from last year. I had a full 8 oz., which is rather a lot of fiber. It was my first spinning wheel project, and I spun it into 3 fairly thin singles, which took my entire life.

The yarn came in somewhere around a heavy fingering or light sport weight 3-ply. New spinners, I'll tell you a secret - 3-ply is much more forgiving to uneven singles than 2-ply. It is more work, but it pays off in the end. I'm not sure how much yardage I ended up with because I haven't measured it, but I'm hoping it's at least 600 yards. I'm thinking about making a stole or shawl, so that I can use up all the yarn, perhaps Woodland Shawl or Sakura.

Next up is what I'm calling "my circus yarn", Merino from Woolgatherings [prepare to spend money if you click on that link]. In contrast, this spin only took about 8 hours total, basically nothing in yarn spinning years. Although the colors look jumbled up in the skein, they are actually fairly long color repeats, so the resulting knit will be striped. I have about 330 yards of sport weight, any ideas? Other than rubbing it all over my face because it's so soft?

Currently on the wheel is a superwash wool and nylon blend, intended for socks, but I guess my brain just stopped working when I ordered it, because I forgot that nylon is plastic, and spinning plastic is terrible. So squeaky!


mick said...

I tend to use my handspun for hats a lot. That last one might be cute with some ear flaps? So soft against your face! Also, I love the spinning. I just may get out my wheel today for the first time since we moved. Spring break!

Susan said...

What pretty colors!

handsfullofyarn said...

These are so gorgeous! I've just picked my spinning back up again and it's great to have the extra inspiration to keep going!

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