Sunday, February 12, 2012

One Hook

I've been on a bit of a crochet bender lately. Sometimes you just feel the need for speed, you know? It all started when my office installed this terrible blue lighting. It's supposed to be more like natural light, but really all it does it make it impossible to focus on a piece of paper and cause people to make comments about how it looks like a mental institution. So, I stood up on a chair and disconnected all the overhead lights, and brought in a bright green lamp I bought at Target. My desk started feeling like a living room, so then I needed to get rid of the black plastic industrial pen caddy thing. I raided the recycling bin and my yarn scrap bin (yes, I have a yarn scrap bin, don't you?), and a few nights later I had these:

I don't remember how or why I desperately needed to crochet some hearts, but it probably had something to do with Pinterest or Ravelry. I had the intention of doing a valentine-themed mantle decoration but then I remembered that I hate valentine-themed mantles.

Also the living room is no longer orange and red (post on that to come, sometime). I made the mirror above the fireplace, using this tutorial, in the basement last summer during an epic marathon of 48 Hours Mystery. I am now awesome at glue-gunning and identifying psychopaths/murderers.

Work on the summer garden blanket continues. I'm about 50% done. Unfortunately I'm off crochet at the moment due to an unexplained index finger illness. Good thing I have so many back-up hobbies!


mick said...

1. I just bought a crap ton of yarn for a crocheted hexagon blanket for our bedroom.
2. I also just bought a round mirror to make a sunburst mirror for above our mantel.
3. Valentine's themed anything is the worst.
4. Get out of my head!

I love all the colors and the cheerful office idea. Mine is a freakshow, but it's shared, and I wish I could personalize it a bit more!

Susan said...

I sometimes do a little crocheting too. Right now I'm working on a Mockingjay afghan. It's supposed to have 12 blocks and I'm on number 4. I guess I won't get it done in time for the Hunger Games movie to come out. :)

Out there somewhere. said...
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