Saturday, April 09, 2011

April Readathon: Update 1

Surprise! I am readathoning. I guess I could watch like 400 episodes of House Hunters in which 24-year-olds buy 2,500 square foot houses for $7,000, and feel bad about my house that is not good for entertaining, but hey, how about something different?

So almost 4 hours into this, not much reading appears to be happening, so this might just be a day of "Look at all of the boring stuff Sarah does on a Saturday when left to her own devices". So far I have read 40 pages. I started out with David Rakoff's Half Empty, which seems like the book of my dreams. Negativity and pessimism are my expertise! But I just can't get into it. I think I was expecting David Rakoff to be David Sedaris, which is not proving to be the case.

On to Revenge by Stephen Fry, which I am only reading because, Hello, Stephen Fry! Have you seen A Bit of Fry & Laurie? (Bonus points for Hugh Laurie.)

Now the TV has been turned on magically by elves, and I am watching the Cherry Blossom Parade. I also need to go to the gym and then swiffer (I love that "swiffer" is a verb) the pollen-and-cat-hair covered floors. And maybe I'll go to the thrift store. In short, not read while "doing" the Readathon. I may also watch a French movie, which is TOTALLY reading, you know, the subtitles.
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