Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Sock and some Goats

Ooh, look, I finished something! A Sock. . . (kind of funny, since ReluctantMango and I are knitting the same socks, without any planning or discussion :)

I also sewed a totebag to cart all of my stuff back and forth to work. (Purse, lunch, water bottles, book, sweater, etc.) I used some upholstery fabric, backed with interfacing. It was my first time using interfacing, and I'm pretty sure that its coming off of the fabric. But I'll just blame that on it being from Wal-Mart.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, the other night I drove into the parking lot, parked, and noticed a goat. There was a pickup truck parked in the lot, unattended, with a GOAT standing in the bed. (Presumably tied up - I can only hope.) So, was the guy like, "Sure, I'll bring you the goat, but I just need to pick up some Bud Light at Wal-Mart first"? What was he doing with a goat anyway? What do you do with goats? Milk them? Does he drive around with a goat in his truck in case he just really needs some cheese? Sometimes I don't understand this town.

Speaking of goats, I drive by a corral of goats every day on my way to work (and sometimes sheep, cows, and horses. I know.) Well, suddenly, one day, all of the goats were gone, replaced by a horse. What happened to them? Again, what does one do with goats? I really hope it doesn't involve massive goat slaughter.

Ok, enough of that. Apparently I'm in a goat mood.
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