Saturday, September 08, 2007


I really like Anthropologie catalogs - even though I've never ordered anything from them, their photography and sets are always amazing, and their clothes are inspirational. I always think I'm going to knit or sew my own version of their clothes, so I have a stack of these sitting around. I just got their newest catalog in the mail - and was immediately freaked out. Is it me, or does this model look like she's going to kill you? In every picture she looks like she's plotting evil deeds. As the other member of my household put it, she looks very "Salem Witch Trial."

Anyway. Besides being haunted by images of homicial clothing models, I may have started another sock. Accidentally. I'm digging the stripe pattern - its Regia yarn I got at Maryland Sheep & Wool back in May. The yarn was deeply discounted, and even though I didn't really like the other colors, I should have bought more. Sock yarn is like that - and you sock knitters know this - you can never have too much, even if you have more socks than you can wear, and even if you "don't really like the color." And even if you live in New Mexico and wear flip-flops 8 months of the year.

Have you seen the new CROCS? I love you, Crocs.
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