Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2007

I was able to get out of the house long enough to experience some serious yarn overload this past weekend. It was my second time to Maryland Sheep and Wool, where I was accompanied by some lovely ladies from my knitting group. Having learned how to improve our experience from last year (i.e. bringing our own lunch!), the girls and I left at 6:30am to get a good parking spot and first dibbs on all the yarn we could catch. I spent nearly three times what I did last year - although considering last year I spent $12, that's not really anything to brag about.

Of course, there were plenty of sheep to go around. I totally need a baby lamb now. I'll keep it in the backyard.

We were such amazing shoppers that we had to sit on a bench and rest to get our energy up again. Here are my knitting buddies, whom I'll miss very much when I move 2000 miles away in only a few weeks.

Here is my personal yarn enhancement. I love, love the Tess designer yarns sock yarn. At $15, it was the most expensive sock yarn that I've ever purchased. But one look at the colors, and I doubt you could turn it down, even if you are not a knitter. I also got some deeply discounted Regia sock yarn and some multi-colored yarn for a big scarf (which I'm sure I won't be needing in the desert.)

Check over on the sidebar to read the accounts of my fellow knitters: ReluctantMango, Yarn Mama, and the SmileSpot.

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