Friday, July 28, 2006

Screw you, Delaware

Guess where I am?

New Mexico! When I got off the plane in El Paso (not in New Mexico, but in Texas), I thought, "wow, its pretty hot out here, but its not that bad. Maybe its low 90s?" Actually, it was 102, but as I had just left Delaware, where it was 88 degrees with 91% humidity, I'm feeling quite comfortable. Not that I've bothered to leave the couch and actually go outside or anything.

So I've been happily knitting along on my Bolero (pattern is here), and finally got enough pieces finished to pin them together and see if it might fit. Oh, it fits - everything except the sleeves. Observe:

Yeah, you see that part that the sleeve is supposed to fit into? And you see how the sleeve does NOT fit into that spot? I would call that a problem. Now, before you say anything, I followed the pattern exactly, I have perfect gauge, and even remembered to measure everything in centimeters like I was supposed to. I can only blame this pattern. Since it was translated from Norwegian, I even went back and checked the English translation against the original. The 27cm sleeve does not fit into the 36cm sleeve holes. Suggestions? Obviously I'll have to re-knit the sleeves - so they should be longer as opposed to wider, right? The ribbed bottom of the sleeve fits around my arm, so I don't really want to make that bigger. Those crazy Norwegians.

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