Sunday, July 23, 2006

Can't stop sewing

In my continual effort to create a Santa Fe-worthy wardrobe, I found a use for one of the large scarves my roommate gave me. This one was just begging to be a skirt - I cracked one of the tiny mirrors by sewing over it, so does that mean I'll only have 7 minutes of bad luck? (Bangles courtesy of said roommate as well.)

I also dug down deep and found the motivation to finish that half a sock. The yarn is a no-name from Maryland Sheep and Wool, which I scored for a mere $3.95. I'm not sure what I think of cotton socks, but I better like them because I still have 3 more balls of this stuff.


Jax said...

wow, that outfit is great! i really like it. you're too impressive.

V said...

Forgot to say that I really like the skirt! You will be doin it up in Santa Fe like nobodys business.

Anyhow, the shop I went to was called Needles Eye, and it is at 839 Paseo de Peralta basically straight behind the Cathedral. It is little but nice. And directly across town on the west side is Oodles Yarns & Bead Gallery, which I didnt have time to go to, but it is at 411 W. Water St.

Have fun!!

Dove Knits said...

This skirt is perfect. Did you make the top, too?

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