Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Mexico . . . You Know you Want it

The other day J and I went on a long drive into Lincoln National Forest, and eventually reached this view, about 7,000 feet up. Don't you just love the desert? Ok, maybe the rusted out car halfway down the mountain slope and the lack of guardrails were a little disconcerting, but the view was worth it.

I've been enjoying 80-degree temperatures and constant sunshine, and seriously wondering why people bother to live in places where its crowded and it snows. Maybe it's not as festive to have Christmas lights on a house surrounded by cactus and palm trees, but let me tell you, New Mexicans sure can decorate.

Of course I haven't been doing what I should (attempting to pass my French exam), but rather have been enjoying the idea of doing nothing. I've saving up because I know that in a few more weeks leisure will be a thing of the past. (No! Don't think about that!)
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