Monday, September 12, 2005

Grad Student Life

When people told me that grad students didn't have lives, I didn't believe them. And I was right, grad students DO have lives. They have lives that are filled with insane reading, sucking up, work, and hours of class discussion. My first week of school I was assigned 422 pages of reading. This is in addition to my 20 hours of work, 9 hours of class, and research for my seminar papers. So yes, I do have a life, just not one that I totally control.

As to that 422 pages of reading . . . last week I read a glossary about bricks. Flemish bond, running bond, types of morter, dentilation, etc., etc. I READ A GLOSSARY. Although I do have to say it was a lot better than the treatise I read today on the history of brick making technology. And the sad part is, after I finish these 4 semesters of rigorous information obtainment, I'm probably just going to have to go back and be a seasonal park ranger again. When the hurricane hit New Orleans, you didn't see a big call go out for the art historians.

Apparently I'm having a problem with spammers (see the comments from the last posting), so if you leave a comment, you'll now have to do one of those annoying things where you type in the weird-looking letters.
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