Friday, February 15, 2013

Project 365: Week 6

February 5: Coming back home on a dreary day
February 6: Kiska gets too warm in her heated bed, so she sticks her front legs out to cool off
February 7: A fan that looks like an eyeball
February 8: My mom sent popcorn for Valentine's day. The cheese flavor is the best!
February 9: The first sunny day in a while. Even though it seems like I'm being healthy by eating the unsalted Almond butter, I'm not. That's all that was left in the store, so I just dumped a bunch of salt into the jar.
February 10: Working on new curtains
February 11: I drink a lot of tea


Andrew said...

you and your sister are the same.

plus your cat, you, your mom, and your sister all sleep the same.

thoughts said...

How are you doing? I was reading your blog after a while. Love the quilt you made. Did you quilt by machine? It is very nice? I was wondering if you did the quilting on a regular machine or the quilting machine? I have finally finished joining pieces for a quilt and am going to start quilting it so was wondering if it can be done with a regular machine? Also I love your colorful bowls.

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