Thursday, June 16, 2011

Strawberry Season

One thing that we did not have in New Mexico was pick-your-own farms. (Unless you wanted to brave the desert and pick your own tunas [tunas are prickly pear fruit; it's fun to say "Want some tuna jam?"]). So, for the past 2 years I have made it a point to go strawberry picking. This year I went all out and picked almost 9 pounds.

Most of those became freezer jam, which I'm hoping will last me through the year. I mix it with plain yogurt, in a jar, and then try not to let people see because that is such a hipster thing to do. I also made this cake, which turned out perfectly, I highly recommend it. No picture because we scarfed it.

The deck garden is now producing! I always have to laugh at those saving-money tips that suggest "Grow your own produce on your patio!" This will not save you money. This will be the most expensive produce you have ever eaten. My two containers of pea plants yielded about a cup of peas. You could buy an entire bag of frozen peas for what the seeds alone cost.

I have tons of lettuce. Lettuce is magic - you cut the tops off, and more lettuce grows back! It's like the Medusa snake head of nature. Ok, in this case, you might actually save money. You will also still be hungry, because no matter how healthy eating a salad for lunch makes you feel, you will be hungry again an hour later.

The peas have since been replaced with morning glory seeds. I don't know if this is the right time to plant them or not, but there's always an element of not caring that creeps in right about.... now.


Julie said...

Those strawberries look so good! I miss pick your own strawberry places. Hell, I miss places that will just sell strawberries they pick.

Amy Eber Roe said...

Ha! Also laughing at the "garden to save money" baloney. Probably true if you're growing an acre of crops. And you don't place a value on your time. Hope that cup of peas was delicious!

mick said...

The strawberries look so good! Maybe you'll get a better yield of peas next year? Either way, I hope they were yummy.

petunialu said...

yum! I LOVE strawberries!...and I do enjoy homemade jam. haven't made any this summer, but perhaps soon;-) blueberries are getting ready to come into season here soon!

Kristin J said...

I'm about to make Jam this weekend too! I agree with you on the garden to save money. Except for that one year when we had a record Galeux d’Eysines pumpkin harvest and were begging people to take some off of our hands. We could have made some money off of that. That was a freak thing though.

Your garden looks great! I love the pictures.

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