Friday, May 06, 2011

Home Improvement: Craft Room

Jason always gets after me for saying, in regard to the house, "I love the colors, I'm not changing any of them!" and then proceeding to change them all. I have now repainted the entire basement. No matter what I say, I will never be "done" decorating the house.
The final room was my craft bunker (so-called because it is in the basement and does not have any windows). The green on the walls and the florescent light made everything look sickly. In incarnation one, I had a Target bookcase that literally fell apart, and a kitchen table for a workspace.

Then, I got a larger Ikea desk on craiglist from a guy who was moving to Norway the next day. I don't know, maybe in Norway your neighbors will scoff at you for owning Ikea stuff. "Sweden? Really Erik? Have some self-respect."

The panels on the bottom were straight-up glued to the wall. I have no idea what was going on there. I did a ton of cutting in and priming.

Before you have a heart attack that I painted something gray instead of a bright color, remember what I said about this room not having any windows? I don't want to feel like I'm sewing in a coffin. The walls are Martha Stewart Whetstone Gray (color matched to Behr), and the white is off-the-shelf Behr white in semi-gloss. It took 4, FOUR coats to cover up the dark green.

I replaced the light, as you saw in my previous post, and covered a bulletin board (more on that later.) The result is a craft bunker that I actually want to be in, and will be a pleasant place should we ever have to take cover from a tornado.
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