Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fall Mantel

Miss me? I was in California, but secretly so you wouldn't break into my house while I was gone. More about that later.

Before I left I became obsessed with decorating for fall. I even when to Michaels twice, even though I have a rule not to go to Michaels between September and January, due to the assault of fragrance that will knock you over if you are even within the vicinity. Even driving by I got a little dizzy.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Here's my mantel, completely with fake pumpkins and leaves. But they're good looking fake pumpkins and leaves, right? In fact, I might even call them "faux". The sticks are real though. I got them from the woods.

The only thing I made was the felt garland. All I did was cut circles out of felt and stitch them together with embroidery thread.

Even though capitalism wants me to think it's Christmas already, 'tis not! My fall decorations will stay until after Thanksgiving, thanks very much.
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