Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home Improvement: Bathroom

Has anyone read this article? {LINK} What do you think? I read a lot of decorating and so-called "lifestyle" blogs myself, but I don't let myself feel bad about my house not being "perfect." As Sadie says toward the end of the article, blogs are not a true representation of reality. Before I take pictures of finished rooms, I always clean them up. To illustrate, here are pictures of the upstairs bathroom that I've been working on over the past few months.

Before, it was painted a color I can only describe as flesh tone. Plus, there were weird unpainted stripes near the ceiling and near the floor, which were probably intended to be artsy, but just left me confused.

Once we moved in, the bathroom started looking sad and lonely.

I painted the walls "Silver Drop", and Jason and I put up the train rack. The plate, candle, and lantern were TJ Maxx finds, and the print on the wall is from this great Etsy seller.

To illustrate my point above about blogs being an inaccurate representation of reality, here's what the bathroom really looks like, cat litter box and overflowing trash can in all their glory:


muchadored said...

You know what I like about you, besides sparkling wit and lovely color sense? You post pictures of your litter box on teh internets.

Thanks for sharing, lady! The new color and accents are a definite improvement.

Amy ER said...

Honesty is always refreshing, even in the form of a litter box.

That said, a photo showing only the new paint and great print is just as honest and real as a shot of the toilet.

Also, I believe perfection is in the eye of the beholder. A booger-nosed kid, sprawled in a litter of toys and cat fur, can be both real and perfect.

Julie said...

It looks great, even in the "reality" shots. :)

joanne said...

I've got some great reality shots of my glass room right now. Boxes boxes boxes.
I love etsy, I got a great cutting board there.
Your bathroom looks divine!

Charley said...

This has little to do with your bathroom (it looks lovely, by the way!)... but is that a pine cat litter you're using in the lower picture? How does your cat like it? My cats will have none of it.

Bryan Johnson said...

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