Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home Improvement

During my Junior year of college, my roommate and I would make it a point to sit down together and watch "Trading Spaces" everyday on TLC. We were both sort of crafty types and longed for the day when we would have more than a dorm room to decorate. Now that I have a house (7 years later), I'm finally getting to do all those home improvement projects we lusted after.

My favorite decorating style at the moment is Mexican Folk Art. Thus, the kitchen was transformed from boring white:

Into an exciting blue, with lots of Talavera tiles:
Tiling was not nearly as difficult as it seems. We got a combo adhesive/grout that was already mixed, so pretty much all we had to do was glue these to the wall. The only challenge was cutting tiles to fit at the edges, but we were able to rent a wet tile saw that was incredibly easy to use. This post is a little misleading, since we're not actually done - we ran out of tiles, even though we thought we were way over-covered. This then involved a 140-mile round trip to Home Depot - yet another disadvantage to living in the boonies. Overall though, I'm very happy with how it turned out.
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