Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Year's End

I hope everyone had an exciting and eventful holiday season (or non-eventful, if that's what you prefer.) While the highlight of my Christmas might very well have been our dinner of Fried Chicken & Waffles with Syrup & Hot Sauce, I did get some knitterly gifts. I am now the proud owner of a set of KnitPicks Options Needles! I LOVE these things. They are so smooth, I swear I can knit faster with them. Its also nice to know that I have most needle sizes ready to go, and I won't have to buy anymore for a long, long time. (You can see in the picture that they've changed their case - if you want the cool little binder, its now $20 more! Luckily I got the binder included with mine, but I think its a cheap move on Knitpicks's part.)

Also, someone needs to fess up. I received this book in the mail, with no indication of who it was from, and no one has mentioned that they sent it to me! Was it you? (Also, this book does not mess around. It says its "naughty" and it is.

I continue to plug away on my green cardigan. I have the back and most of a front left. Now that I have the options needles, I'm hoping it will go faster. I did need some instant gratification though, so I made this quick scarf. Its a little sparkly, and I like how the colors blend together. And, it also matches one of my backyard bushes!

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