Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

It's always a little weird to celebrate a holiday when the weather isn't quite fitting - like an 80 degree Christmas or a rainy 4th of July. But here in New Mexico we got perfect Thanksgiving weather (even though it was 80 degrees 2 days ago):

This Thanksgiving I made my first pumpkin pie, to bring to our friends' house. Everyone really liked it, and wanted to know the recipe. "Is this your mom's recipe?" I was asked. "Um, actually its the recipe that's on the can of pumpkin," I was forced to reply. Busted! (Good thing they didn't ask about the crust . . . that was Pillsbury.)

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:)SmileCreator said...

Wow... Thanksgiving with leaves on the trees, too. That would be strange. Although I am jealous of your dusting of snow (none up here!), I am glad that your holiday was nice and your pie well-liked. :)

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