Thursday, October 27, 2005

Big City

Last week I left scenic Delaware for a few days in the big city. And yes, it was confirmed. I still hate the air and space museum. Besides the entire place being old and moldy, and all the displays broken, it really is insane to charge $4 for a hockey-puck sized chunk of "astronaut ice cream." It's one of those things that everyone remembers being really good when they were a kid, but now just tastes like tums.

I digress. The day was beautiful, and we visited the American History museum, toured the Capitol building, walked through the Botanic Gardens, saw various and sundry memorials, and went to the National Museum of Women in the Arts. (If you go there, beware of the woman breathing under the table.)

It really just went perfectly, and thus I have no funny stories. (Except for hiding a contraband item outside the American Indian museum, but perhaps I shouldn't advertise that one publically . . . ) Just enjoy the pictures, of me in a me-sized house.
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