Friday, January 17, 2014

Baby in Knits

The one advantage to having a winter baby is you get to dress her up in cute teeny tiny sweaters and hats. Here is Mary rocking her Golden Pear hat. It was too huge for her in the hospital, but now is nearly too small! Babies, man, with all of the growing all the time.

Her striped booties fit her for about .75 seconds. She actually only wore them twice, because baby pants and socks are some sort of aggravating invention by someone who's never had to keep socks on a baby. I'm convinced that their feet actively repel socks.

One of the great things about being a knitter is that I have a lot of knitterly friends. My knitting group got together and made Mary this blanket. Apparently some of these squares were knit right in front of me and I never noticed! I love all the different yarns and knowing that so many people contributed to it.

Another friend made her this beautiful sweater. The pattern is classic cashmere sweater, but she added the pattern on the front and a picot bind-off on the back, which really makes it extra adorable. The yarn is great too: it's Supersoft 4-ply by Pear Tree Yarn.

And finally, the Sunnyside cardigan I knit for her: looks like she's about to bust out of this one soon too! (If you're wondering why she's wearing socks in this picture, when I hate baby socks, it's because I dressed her up to go visiting and I didn't want all my friends to think that she wears pajamas all day. Because she totally does. No way am I taking off baby pants and wrestling them back on 10 times a day.)
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